Pick Your “Pasarabo” on Panagbenga

Panagbenga 2015

It’s February! And in Baguio, it is the season of chilly mornings and evenings, cold showers (or no showers!), warm coffee, and blooming flowers. Locals and tourists alike look forward with anticipation to this time of the year when flowers Continue reading

Premium Lenguas de Gato


Premium Lenguas de Gato. Give in to your craving for these thin, crispy, melt-in-the mouth cat’s tongue-shaped cookies baked with the best premium butter because you who won’t settle for anything but the creamiest for your supreme pleasure and enjoyment.

Low-fat and Sugar-Free Lenguas de Gato

Tartland Baguio Low Sugar Fat Free

You do not have to be worried about cholesterol or sugar whenever you treat yourself with a piece of sweet bliss. We made this specially for you! Yield to your longing of sweets by trying our low-fat, sugar-free lenguas.

Flavored Lenguas de Gato

Tartland Baguio Flavored Lenguas de Gato

When your tongue longs for the taste of childhood, grab these flavoured lenguas that will surely bring you back to your youth. Experience grandma’s ube halaya again with our ube-flavoured lenguas; feast from the always-luscious chocolate lenguas; and enjoy the delectable mountain strawberry lenguas. Be delighted and invigorated with our mocha-flavoured lenguas, and do not forget to take pleasure in the creaminess of our buko-pandan lenguas.

Special Lenguas de Gato

Tartland Baguio Special Lenguas de Gato

If you are into the nostalgic taste of fresh milk, try these equally-thin and crispy cookies baked that also melts in your mouth. It is baked with regular butter that suits the taste and pockets of mothers.